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DB Logistics (L) Sdn. Bhd. has a particular focus on servicing the Oil & Gas industry / Upstream / Downstream and other Industry that using this same services. Our services details as below.

Forwarding & Freight Forwarding Services

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Shipping, Offshore Vessel & Crew Clearance Services

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Transportation, Equipment & Trucking Services

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Company Values

The company aim to maintain and grow on its high profile in the Market by:

  • Maintaining services excellence
  • To maintaining effective and efficient on company delivery, arrangement & technology services.
  • Providing superior Logistics solutions according to each customer’s needed and expectations.
  • Treating satff and customers with respect and honestly.
  • Appointing high quality staff.
  • Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively on transpot cargo.
  • Offering customers a dedicated, personalized services.
  • To maintaining, improve and developing all company facilities and equipment for more efficient services.
  • To improve and develop new technology for any system company used.
  • Collaboration with high quality sub-con or third party agent.

DBL is fully owned by 100% Bumiputra Sabah & Sarawak Shareholders.

The Company HQ located at Labuan F.T. and depot at O&G SEC Lazenda Warehouse area. Click below for contact details.


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